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At Addison Pointe, we know that every resident is unique and has special desires and interests that continue to grow throughout life. That is why we make the extra effort to create a community that goes well beyond physical support to a socially connected home with opportunities to challenge the mind, lift the spirit, revitalize purpose and nurture the heart.

We believe it provides the ultimate environment in a senior’s health and wellness. In addition, we believe that everyone can live well regardless of challenges that may come with age.


Many of our activities are suggestions from our resident council. Each month they participate in developing activities and outings geared toward seniors. A few of those are listed below:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Fitness classes
  • Church services
  • Spelling bee contests


    David Stamps
    David Stamps
    21:57 20 Feb 19
    Never bring your family members Here! Period racist environment . Seriously . A patient die while on an outing at a more
    Lynn Lynn
    Lynn Lynn
    13:42 29 Oct 18
    Terrible place for your loved ones. Terrible working conditions. Very evil people. Please don’t put your love ones in that terrible place. Please don’t apply at this place!!!! A terrible evil place to work. Don’t even deserve the 1 more
    Karen Kurzdorfer
    Karen Kurzdorfer
    12:16 21 Apr 18
    This place is heaven sent! After over 10 years of two other nursing homes (which included uncleanliness, and constant worrying over my brother's lack of care and attention), this facility is a godsend. I would compare it to an elegant hotel except with the added attention to detail with his care. The director truly cares about and interacts personally with the residents, the nursing care is stellar, and the rooms are immaculate. Also, the social activities are designed to really involve the residents. On top of all of this, with the expertise of the speech therapist, my brother is now eating again!! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone. Thank you, Addison more
    Mary Ortiz
    Mary Ortiz
    14:54 08 Feb 18
    My experience was amazing. I chose Addison Point Rehab for their state of the art rehab equipment. Rehab staff is extremely supportive and finds what you need to achieve your goals. If you are not willing to put forth the effort you will not reach the goals. Medicare requires a measurable amount of progress.....but you the individual must be an ACTIVE participant. Staff is VERY much invested in your success. Thank you for everyone who helped me be successful in MY GOALS!read more
    Scott Coleman
    Scott Coleman
    14:24 26 May 17
    First, let me say that the facility, staff, and medical staff are to be commended for the job they do. My mother has been rehab there twice. But the very real part of my review is to make people aware that this facility, as with all facilities of this nature is TO MAKE MONEY ! Yes they care for your loved one, but in all reality money is the bottom line. My mother was discharged with the same medical issue that took her there. Why ? Because money ran out. Medicare said....time for her to go. We had to bring home a woman who was unable to care for herself due to the condition that took her to Addison. So be aware...what determines your loved ones care, is not love, not medical necessity, and not dedication to their jobs. But.....the bottom dollar !read more
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